Maryland Online Marketing; Ahead of the Competition

The entire world is online, yet many businesses avoid online marketing. Approximately only 28% of business owners are willing to shift their marketing budget from traditional media and invest in digital online marketing techniques and tools.  This is surprising considering companies who strategize digital marketing practices are 2.8 times more likely to have better revenue growth expectancy.  They are also 3.3 times more likely to expand their business, and in turn, their workforce.

Despite those numbers, many business owners – especially attorneys – still haven’t taken the leap. By getting your practice online, you take an enormous step ahead of those still living in the past. And by doing it right, you can get ahead of your competitors that are already on the web.

Save Money

According to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report, 40% of business owners will say they save a considerable amount of money using digital marketing.1 If you have been competing for ad space on park benches and in magazines, online marketing can provide a new avenue for reaching new people.  Online marketing with Manic Metrics is considerably less expensive and provides more advanced targeting tools, giving you a better return on investment.

Boost Visibility

Being everywhere on the web means potential clients see information about your practice much more often than they see your competitors. Bidding on ad space and directing traffic to your website via SEO and social media is an easy and powerful way to distribute your message. There are even tools to let you analyze your competitors’ campaigns so you can always be one step ahead.

By focusing on SEO, Mani Metrics can make sure that your sites always come up in search engine results above the competition. By generating valuable content and optimizing it for search engines, every search for attorneys in your area can display your name. You would be amazed how much of a boost in conversions this results in.

Real-Time Interaction

Fielding questions and filtering potential clients through the pipeline can take time.


How many times do you think you’ve lost a customer because you weren’t able to get to the phone, forgot to return their message or didn’t see their email?

With internet marketing, there is now a clear and direct line of communication between you and your prospective clients. They can reach out to you via email, social media, or blog comments and you can respond in real time.

Benefits of real-time marketing for include:

  • Better targeting, making sure your message reaches the right people
  • A feeling of satisfaction that clients can bring with them into your practice
  • Personalized messages, feedback, and advice that build trust
  • The invaluable sense of dealing directly with a real person

Increase Trust

Thanks to internet marketing, you can build a relationship with potential clients before they even meet you. Attorneys deal with people, first and foremost. Any clients you bring on want to know you’re a trustworthy person and a good investment.  A survey by Neilson Global Online Consumers has reported that 90% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if they were referred by people they know. While you’re a practice, not a brand, per se, the idea still applies.

Social media and websites allow for your to not only distribute information about your practice but offer a personal view of what you’re like as a person and why people should work with you instead of the competition. Use video testimonials from satisfied clients, behind the scenes photos of the company, employee bios, an active Twitter feed, an advice blog and so much more. Offering value on a personal level will build trust quickly.

It’s hard to avoid getting online. Many attorneys find it to be too large of an undertaking, considering they already have the practice to run. But if you’re not online, many of your competitors will be taking clients that could have easily been yours. Manic Metrics in Maryland specializes in taking that weight off your shoulders. We understand that you want to succeed, and increasing online visibility and improving rankings is a great way to do that.